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Feb 19th 2021

How to Become a Better Essay Writer

1. Who is a professional essay writer 

A professional essay writer is an expert writer who usually collaborates with writing services or companies. Even though there are also freelance essay writers, most of them are supporting students in their academic pursuits through a company. Professional essay writers can be specialized in many types of writing papers. Most of them write essays on various topics, although they have the skills and knowledge necessary to also write your thesis, dissertation, research paper, cover letter, and many more.

College essays and assignments are quite diverse, so essay writers are usually focused on a few similar areas. For example, you may find a professional writer who is an expert in the fields of psychology, sociology, and persuasion, but not in the fields of business or finance. However, any professional essay writer keeps himself updated with the latest technology advancements as well as writing styles, and they are quite versatile. 

2. Best writing techniques that every professional essay writer uses 

If you want to become an essay writer, then you should start gaining knowledge of different writing techniques. Although some essay requirements are permissive, others are more complex. And students trust you that you will deliver an exceptional piece of writing. Writing is not about sending information and being creative. Writing is also about the words you use, your sentence structure, tone of voice, figures of speech, and many more. So, if you want to learn essay writing, start with learning some of the best writing techniques that every professional essay writer uses. 

  1. a. Metaphor 

Metaphors are some of the most used figures of speech by writers around the world. Using plain language when writing an essay makes it boring. Especially when it comes to creating essays. Instead of simply writing down an explanation for everything you have written, you can use metaphors to exemplify some similarities between ideas, objects, or people. Metaphors are some of the most interesting figures of speech and writing techniques writers use that help them point to hidden or subtle meanings.

  1. b. Rhetorical Questions 

Rhetorical questions can help professional writers send an idea better, without using too many words. Keep in mind that essays usually have a page limit, so you need to choose your words wisely. Rhetorical questions help writers pinpoint obvious emotions, ideas, arguments, or events. For example, this writing technique is used by romance writers when they want to underlie the immense love that exists between characters. You have probably heard the question “What am I going to do without you?” that, even if it is a simple one, it has so much meaning. Rhetorical questions are those types of questions that do not expect an answer, but rather send a clear message. 

  1. c. Personification

Personification is by far one of the most interesting and strong writing techniques professional essay writers use. It is used widely by novel writers, bloggers, journalists, and any type of writer to give non-human objects and characters humane characteristics. This can make your essay better as you create innovative associations. Personification helps you bring to life many characters, objects, weather phenomena, and so on. 

  1. d. Emotive Language 

Emotive language is the type of language that appeals to emotions. We are all emotive in one way or another and our past experiences define who we are in the present. Some things might raise the emotion of some readers, while others not. But depending on your essay topic, you could choose some words that help you convey the message and emotion better. Use adjectives and adverbs that describe the emotion accurately. But not only these are important in emotive language. Verbs also have synonyms that could contribute to an accurate expression of your thoughts. 

For example, the verb said can be replaced with so many other verbs, depending on the feeling you want to send. If you want to express something positive, you could say admitted, agreed, assured, cheered, and many more. If you want to express something negative, then you could replace said with moaned, mumbled, wept, whispered, complained and others more. Colorful words and emotive language help you improve your writing skills and essay. 

  1. e. Hyperbole

Hyperbole is a great writing technique that needs to be carefully used. Not in every context hyperbole is the right way to convey the message, so make sure you use it wisely. However, hyperbole is a figure of speech that aims to exaggerate the description of something to prove a point. Hyperbole is usually obvious to the reader so he knows that what happened is not as described. But it surely knows how the character felt. This figure of speech helps you send some emotions to the reader you could not send other ways. 

3. Practical tips every student can use when writing a professional essay 

To improve essay writing and write better essays you do not only need to learn more about writing concepts. Here are some tips on writing essay that will make your essay exceptional. ‘Make my essay better' is something all writers look for so these tips can actually improve your writing skills.

  1. a. Specificity 

One of the essential skills in essay writing and any other type of creative writing is specificity. The more specific you are, the better the reader will grasp your idea, emotion, point of view. Writing better essays is something every student wants to achieve. But it is important to keep in mind that stronger essays are those who help the reader imagine the world as you have described it. They are the ones that can transport the reader into your universe only by reading your essay. 

  1. b. Short Sentences 

Any student that wants to become a better essay writer works on improving the essay writing. You may think that long sentences actually show how much you know. But long sentences come with many disadvantages, one of which is losing the reader on the road. If you read a sentence and at the end of it you don't know the topic it had begun with, then it's too long. Short sentences are the key to catching the attention of the reader and hooking it. But at the same time, do not run away from long ones. Sometimes, a beautiful mix between these two results in good essays. 

  1. c. Active Voice 

Depending on the requirements of your essay, you need to adapt your tone of voice and way of expressing your ideas. When you write a persuasive essay, you may want to sound confident. While when you write a case of study, you want to sound open to other arguments as well. Active voice can help you express your ideas simply and concisely, without complicating the sentence. Teachers want to read essays that show a voice and where you express your personal emotions and thoughts. However, mixing active with passive voice is the right way to go, as you won't be always able to use only one over another; nor is it recommended. 

  1. d. Be Creative

Creativity indeed is one of the characteristics that best describe writers. To write better essays you need to find replacements for some of the most common words. Think about words that send more accurately your idea and emotion, no matter the subject you are writing on. Improving essay writing relies heavily on stimulating your creativity by trying to find words that fit the context better. For example, you can use descriptive words. Instead of small you can also say little, miniature, petite, or tiny. Instead of funny, you can use amusing, entertaining, hilarious, or jovial. You can see that each of these words are similar in meaning, only the feeling they give is different. 


Becoming a better essay writer is what many students want to accomplish. Besides talent, writing is also about hard work and knowledge of writing techniques, so we hope this guide has helped you improve your writing skills. Creating better essays is a goal you can attain if you put to practice these tips and tricks. Your skills will develop with practice, so be patient and give yourself time. 

Some of the most used writing techniques professional essay writers use are metaphor, personification, hyperbole, rhetorical questions, but also emotive language. These can help you convey the message uniquely and differently and hook the reader. 

Apart from using these writing techniques, to become a better writer you could also make short sentences, use words that send the idea accurately, be descriptive, and an active voice. There is no perfect formula to become a better writer. It is up to each of us to improve our writing skills and find the creativity, motivation, and flow they need to write exceptional essays or college papers. 

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